Free T-Shirt Instructions

How to Add your Gym & Get a FREE Drop-In Life T-Shirt

  1. Click “Login” on the upper right of our website.
  2. Register with us by clicking “Sign Up” and adding an account.
  3. Click “Login” and sign in using your new credentials.
  4. You will be taken to the main user screen. Here click “Post an Item”
  5. Membership is FREE! Click “Purchase”
  6. Confirm your membership
  7. Click “Add a Gym” (top right)
    1. Add all of the gym information you’d like your customers to see.
    2. We love gym pictures, add these under Detail Images
    3. If you have a great video feel free to add it.
    4. “Save”
    5. Important: To fully activate your “saved post” you must click on the “Summary” tab (blue) and click “Submit order” Your gym is now part of our directory. Thanks!
  8. You will receive a code via email for a Free Drop-In Life T-Shirt. Use the code in our Drop-In Shop upon checkout.